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Spanning across 1500 acres of land, spread over the banks of a century old dam in rural Rajasthan, lies the lush wilderness of Chhatrasagar. Lake Chattrasagar, a 30 feet deep reservoir was built in 1890, by Thakur Chattra Singhji of Nimaj , harvesting monsoon rainwater.

In the midst of the desert, the dry scrub lands were metamorphosed into prime agricultural fields, and eventually turned into a lush forest, a green oasis in the drylands of Marwar. 

The Wetlands, Scrub forest, Grasslands and the Farmlands of Chhatrasagar, drew various indigenous species of wildlife and birds to its unique terrain. Migratory birds found their way into the rewilded forest, and thrived, making Chattrasagar a beautiful sanctuary for birds, flora and fauna. 

Today, it is home to over 260 species of birds, most commonly; Eurasian Eagle Owls, Kingfishers, Indian Grey Hornbills, Long tailed Shrikes, Black Drongos, Purple Sunbirds, River Terns, Oriental Honest Buzzards, Kites and Starlings aplenty.

RAAS Chhatrasagar - A birder's paradise

In the summers, Blue Cheeked Bee Eaters, White Pelicans, Indian Golden Orioles, and Flamingos are sighted. Winters bring Eagles, Storks, Falcons, Geese and Herons.

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Rare birds like Greater Painted Snipes, Whiskered Terns, Lapwings and Pheasant Tailed Jacanas are spotted occasionally. 

All the land has been reforested, dense with native Babul, ‘Ker’, and Neem trees, lush and thriving across 1500 acres on the embankment of the pristine Chhatrasagar Lake, an incredibly green oasis in the midst of a desert.


Written by Anushka Gupta @AnushkaGupta5

Published On: May 21st, 2023Categories: Chhatrasagar

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