RAAS Chhatrasagar, Nimaj, Rajasthan

In the heart of Rural Rajasthan, on the dry desert lands of Marwar, lies an oasis of green on the banks of Lake Chhatrasagar.  Built by Thakur Chattra Singhji of Nimaj in 1890, the dam transformed the dry scrub lands into prime agricultural fields, bringing farmers struggling for sustenance on parched lands, to settle around the reservoir. 

Camp Chhatrasagar was founded by the great grandchildren of Thakur Chhatra Singhji in 1999, housing luxury tents by the Chhatrasagar lake, capturing the romance of Rajput style of camping. Spreading across 1500 acres, the land around Chhatrasagar lake, has now been rewilded into a lush forest, attracting migratory birds and animals from the neighbouring regions.
The Camp is restored beautifully by RAAS, holding 19 luxury tents that immerse you into the tranquil lush oasis of green, in the midst of the desert, evoking nostalgia of the Rajput camping culture. 

The tents are beautifully restored retaining the memory of the original tents through fabric, embellished with vibrant artwork showing the birds of Chhatrasagar. Luxe suites in soft colours, overlooking the pristine lake, with uninterrupted views of the forest. 

RAAS Chhatrasagar Boat Safari

The landscape is a myriad of breathtaking greens, with native Neem, Babool, ‘Ker’, trees, amidst peepals, amla, sheesham, bargad.
A thrilling safari jeep ride across the forest takes one through the wilderness of the terrain, guided by naturalists, where one could encounter up to 200 species of birds and various indigenous wildlife that have migrated through the years.
At sunset, a boat ride through the Chattrasagar Lake makes for a serene rendezvous with nature, gliding between trees, watching the sky’s twilit colours painting the water, as the air is punctuated with birdsong and exotic birds can be sighted following their calls. 

Sustainability stands at the heart of RAAS, extending beautifully into Chhatrasagar, as the regional village folk are employed in the Camp, extending their warmth and hospitality true to Rural Rajasthani culture. Ladies from the neighbouring villages are seen painting beautiful rangolis on the red soil, and covering the walls with manure as per the traditional practices of ‘lepna’.
An organic garden within the property, yields fresh produce for the kitchens, used in traditional recipes and regional delicacies. The grains, pulses and supplies are ethically sourced from nearby farms, encouraging trade with villages and local farmers.

A tranquil green oasis, in the midst of dry desert lands, RAAS Chhatrasagar stands uniquely, as a lush escape into the wilderness, evoking nostalgia of the Rajput camping culture, at the heart of Rural Rajasthan.



Written by Anushka Gupta @AnushkaGupta5

Published On: January 7th, 2023Categories: Chhatrasagar

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