Our reasons to celebrate are many – weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries. And we strive to have those who mean the most to us with us to give special moments greater meaning. A RAAS hotel offers you just the sort of intimate space you need.

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Where you can connect with your near and dear ones in a sanitised cocoon. Each of our properties has its own unique vibe, which differentiates the experience it offers. RAAS Devigarh, for instance, is a modernist palace set high up in the Aravallis, and can be your venue for a large-ish wedding. RAAS Jodhpur is situated inside the walled city, literally under the nose of Mehrangarh Fort, and could be your urban getaway for a special anniversary. RAAS Chhatrasagar is luxurious camp within a private wildlife reserve that’s home to over 250 birds. Take it over for a family reunion. Rajmahal Palace RAAS Jaipur is the ultimate new-age regal retreat right in the heart of the city. Make it your main stage for a milestone celebration. Wherever you go you will be #makingmemories