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RAAS is Jodhpur’s first boutique hotel with a signature look born from a fusion of modern and ancient styles. The courtyard is a tranquil haven within the hustle and bustle of Jodhpur’s old town.

RAAS Jodhpur

With a stunning entrance, flanked by a magnificent pool, the hotel comprises four original buildings with three additional contemporary structures. Inspired by the Walled City, the new buildings feature a modern approach to the use of space and light yet each is grounded in tradition. Intricate architectural carvings adorn the structure in the iconic style of 18th-century havelis. Jodhpur’s red sandstone unites the old and the new with the contemporary designs adding an exciting and fresh dimension to the region’s ancient carving industry.

RAAS Jodhpur is overlooked by Mehrangarh, an awe-inspiring 15th-century fort looming 400 feet above the Jodhpur skyline.

The views are breathtaking – particularly when lit up in the evening. Similar to nearly all of the homes in the city, almost every room in our hotel enjoys the most spectacular panorama of Mehrangarh, one of the most magnificent forts in India.

History of RAAS Jodhpur

Located in the Walled city’s vibrant north-eastern quarter, RAAS Jodhpur is based around an original 18th-century haveli. Echoes of Rajput architecture can be found throughout, from intricately-carved stone panels to antique shrines to the surviving arches from the stables. Indeed, even entire original buildings are interspersed with rose-red modern architecture.

The Darikhana, otherwise known as the ‘Chamber of Carpets’, was built towards the end of the 18th century and served as the haveli’s guest-house. Today, the Darikhana is the hotel’s most popular alfresco dining venue.

Another dining option is Baradari, the haveli’s ‘newest addition’, which was built in the 1850s as the Thakur’s personal entertainment pavilion. This is where he spent his days and, no doubt, many nights entertaining and being entertained. It has retained this purpose throughout the centuries and now serves as a restaurant at the heart of the hotel, hosting events all year round. The original multi-pillared structure still stands in the pavilion and, indeed, its name ‘baradari’ means ‘twelve pillars’.

Original stables, converted into snug alcoves for reading and relaxing, and a small 18th-century temple make up the sides of the picturesque courtyard. We pride ourselves on the beautifully-kept gardens filling the open space.


RAAS Jodhpur Celebrations


An urban cocoon where you can relax and celebrate with your loved ones. Where else will you have a historic fort – Mehrangarh – photo-bomb almost every picture?



Within our walls, there is plenty to do with a heated swimming pool and spa. Furthermore, our central location means that many of Jodhpur’s best sites are within walking distance or a quick tuk-tuk away.

RAAS Jodhpur, Darikhana Restaurant


At RAAS Jodhpur, you have five unique dining options to choose from, most of which offer glorious views of Mehrangarh Fort. The sight of the fort lit up as you savour exquisite food and drink is unforgettable.


Ecological sustainability is a keystone principle at RAAS. It’s broadly defined as a concept where a person or entity’s actions produce environmental, social and economic benefit without irreversibly limiting the regeneration of the resources consumed.