Rajastha​​n’s been known by the moniker “land and of deserts and palaces”. But that’s only half the story. There is plenty more to see, do and experience. The desert is but one facet of the state’s varying landscape. The Aravallis, outside Udaipur, where RAAS Devigarh is located, are an undulating stretch of hills with their own unique plant, bird and animal life. The lakes and reservoirs, such as the one that borders RAAS Chhatrasagar in Nimaj, are another unexpected sight in this “desert” state and support a plethora of resident and migrant species of birds and mammals.

Even when you compare palaces, there’s no one descriptor fits all. Our own palaces, RAAS Devigarh and Rajmahal Palace RAAS Jaipur are more icons of modern design and contemporary aesthetics than just symbols of heritage and legacy. At RAAS Jodhpur, in fact, you’ll be hard pressed to figure out where the 18th-century architecture ends and where 21st-century design begins. This forward-looking sensibility is true about all our hotels, and it’s what we bring to all the experiences we curate within our walls and outside. Whether it’s a visit to Mehrangarh Fort in an electric vehicle, or birding boat rides in Nimaj. One way of getting a better sense of all that Rajasthan stands for, is via our RAASHopper experience; visit two or more destinations and experience more with our extra special offers.