Delwara Heritage Walk and Handicraft Experience

Duration : 3 Hours

Tips : Wear a cap/hat, sunscreen, or carry an umbrella.

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Delwara village epitomises the rich history of Rajasthan state. Traditionally the area was divided into kingdoms under the rule of tribal families. The Jhala Rajputs ruled the kingdom of Mewar wherein Delwara lay.

Devigarh Palace

Devigarh Palace was built at this strategic location in order to guard one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. Due to its geographical importance, the principality of Delwara was awarded to Sajja Singh from Gujarat, for displaying his bravery and loyalty to Maharana Pratap of Mewar against the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the battle of Haldighati (1576), more information on this can be found below as part of our ‘Battle Stories’ experience.

The current community was once known as ‘devkul paton nagri’ or the ‘town of gods’. This was because it boasted approximately 1000 temples, out of which there were about 400 Jain Mandir Temples. Each successive ruler built their own temples worshipping different gods and over time these accumulated. Even today every street in Delwara has at least one temple.

The Non-Governmental Organisation Seva Mandir, has sped the development of Delwara as a socially, historically and environmentally-aware village. This has led to the organization of village walks by one of six specially trained local boys. These trips include a visit to a local potter to observe his work and a small personalized tour of any of the other many sites that the village is home to.

Indra Kund

A beautiful Step Well that is a marvellous example of stone carving and is about 15 meters deep.

Hunting Tower

The tower located on Kantya Hill, locally known as Audhi, was built by King Jasvantsinh. It was used by the king for hunting during his rule. Its ruin can be reached easily by a short, (approx. 30 minute walk) up the hill. The path also passes the ruin of an old temple. From this point there are fantastic panoramic views over the village, the palace and the Aravalli hill range.

Sadhna Workshop

About 20 years ago, a patchwork program was initiated in Delwara by a local NGO, Seva Mandir, as an income generation activity to promote women’s empowerment. Today, this initiative has transformed into a self-owned enterprise involving more than 600 women from various villages. Of these, around 250 are from Delwara, which is where their main workshop is found. Open to the public (10am-5pm, Monday to Saturday), fair trade and high quality women’s clothing can be purchased here.

Tours cost INR 500 and all money made from the walk is split between the guides, a fund for the local youth centre and walk expenses. We advise a 5pm start, which allows enough time to enjoy the village in daylight and most likely spot the local monkeys emerging from the trees at dusk, after a beautiful sunset.

Please let the Hotel know if you wish us to arrange one of these tours for you. For more information, please click here. Alternatively a member of staff would be more than happy to accompany you or, of course, you are welcome to explore the village yourself with a map available from Palace Services.

Delwara Handicraft Experience – 3 hours

NGO (Sadhna) has added new activity called Delwara Handicraft Experience for the guests during NGO (Sadhna) visit. Same will be addition charges of INR 1500/- Inclusive of taxes.

Below are the multiple activities details for your reference. Guests will spend 1 – 1.5 hours in the Sadhna production facility in Delwara, and understand how local women are producing the beautiful clothes being sold in Sadhna stores. Guests can try their hand at traditional block printing, stitching and embroidery while engaging with Sadhna artisans. Then, guests will walk with us through Delwara, visiting Sadhna artisans in their own homes to see how they live and work, and understand how Sadhna brings women together across caste and class boundaries to strengthen their case, not only for employment and fair wages, but also for equality in their village.

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