Panoramic Summit - Sajjan Garh

Duration : 2.5 Hours

Tips : Wear a cap/hat, sunscreen, or carry an umbrella.

Available at : RAAS Devigarh

High up in the Aravalli hills, overlooking Udaipur, is the Monsoon Palace, Sajjan Garh. Once a royal palace from which to watch the monsoon clouds move over the countryside, now it is the best place to go for views over Udaipur and the surrounding countryside.

The Palace

The palace itself is sparse, and smaller than its original constructor intended, due to the King’s untimely death in the late 19th century. The views are well worth taking a trip up for. You will need to take a car, though, it’s too steep for bikes, and the road up is not safe for walking.

Sajjan Garh Biological Park

There is also a zoo, which they call the Sajjan Garh biological park. We would not recommend a visit, as though there are still a few animals, they are not all in an active condition.

Other details

Distance: One hour drive; 15 minutes from Udaipur

Total Duration of Visit: 2 hours 30 minutes

Opening Times: 9am- sunset (last entry 5pm) daily

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