The Lake and History of the Land, RAAS Chhatrasagar

In the dry desert lands of Rajasthan since time immemorial, water has always been the most essential, life giving resource. 

In the late nineteenth century, Thakur Chhatra Singhji of Nimaj, a powerful noble of the desert Kingdom of Marwar, decided to dam a seasonal stream flowing through his estate and build a large water reservoir to harvest the monsoon rains.

The dam was built in 1890, and the lake was named Chhatra Sagar in his memory. It transformed the dry scrub lands into prime agricultural fields, bringing farmers struggling for sustenance on parched lands, to settle around the reservoir. The lake brought together villages from rural Rajasthan, thriving on the farm lands, turning it into a fertile oasis in the midst of a desert.

In the days of the British Raj, the Kingdom of Jodhpur’s lands were given to Thikanas, each having hundreds of villages. Whenever the Maharaja needed help during wars, the villages fuelled their armies. 

Upon independence, the Princely States had the choice of being a part of India or Pakistan, during which then Maharaja of Jodphur, Maharaja Hanwant Singh Rathore held important meetings with the Nobles of Jodhpur at Chhatrasagar, to discuss the fate of the Marwar region.

Chhatrasagar Lake History, Rajasthan

In the olden days, out on unknown lands during wars and battles, the royalty and armies built tents in the midst of the desert. The Rajputs epitomised the culture of camping. The concept of tenting, hunting and lodging was imbibed into the Rajput ways, and eventually became a salient part of their lifestyle. Constant campaigns in faraway lands lent to long stays in tents under inhospitable conditions. The tents were “homes away from home” and eventually evolved into mobile canvas palaces. The Rajput camps turned luxurious, with legendary sporting parties, high teas, exotic dinners, and the works. 

Chhatrasagar Lake History, Rajasthan

Camp Chhatrasagar was founded by the great grandchildren of Thakur Chhatra Singhji in 1999, housing luxury tents by the Chhatrasagar lake, capturing the romance of Rajput style of camping. A visit to the “Camp Chhatra Sagar” was the highlight of any visiting dignitaries trip to Nimaj.

Spreading across 1500 acres, the land around Chhatrasagar lake, has now been rewilded into a lush forest, attracting migratory birds and animals from the neighbouring regions. 

The Camp is restored beautifully by RAAS, holding 16 luxury tents that immerse you into the tranquil lush oasis of green, in the midst of the desert, evoking nostalgia of the Rajput camping culture. 



Written by Anushka Gupta @AnushkaGupta5

Published On: January 16th, 2023Categories: Chhatrasagar

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