The Darikhana

In the Kingdom of Marwar, in the olden days as per traditional village practices, the village folk used to drag their ‘Daris’ (bedding) to the large Havelis of the time, and sleep in the communal spaces called Darikhanas.

At the terrace of the eighteenth century RAAS Haveli, that then belonged to the Thakurs of the Raas Village, lies a Darikhana that once sheltered the village folk and helped build the community within the old walled city. With red sandstone walls, intricately carved in Rajput architecture, the Darikhana holds a large open terrace, overlooking the old city and ramparts of the Fort. Having been carefully restored as one of the original heritage structures that stand in RAAS Jodhpur, the Darikhana is now an Al-Fresco restaurant, set against the dramatic backdrop of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

Darikhana Post Image - RAAS Jodhpur

An evening at the Darikhana evokes the magic of the Rajputana era, with the mesmerising fort holding one’s gaze, immersed in centuries old stories etched in rose red sandstone walls.


Written by Anushka Gupta @AnushkaGupta5

Published On: July 30th, 2022Categories: Jodhpur

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