Many of us spend our lives trying to understand the world, solving problems, unravelling mysteries, striving to set or break patterns of behaviour. Amidst these normal rhythms of life, we occasionally stop to glimpse into our inner self. Here starts the journey towards spirituality. RAAS wellness retreats take you to a world where harmony with oneself and the environment is attained, and RAAS Yoga, complete with Yogic diet, Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama and meditation help you to access the subtle layers of the mind and unfurl and expand them. Really, it is a process of all-round personality development by achieving the benefits of the Yoga Suthras: deep relaxation at a muscular level, slowing down the breath, increasing will power and creativity, calming the mind at an intellectual level, enhancing happiness at an emotional level and honoring the innate divinity in man and in all aspects of life.

Tam Yogamiti Sthiramindriyaa Dharanam”(Kattopanishad)
Yoga is a state in which all our indriyas are beheld steadily that is a state of mastery over senses and mind.

In Yoga Vasishta the essence of yoga is beautifully portrayed:
Manaha Prashamana Upaya Yoga Ithyabhidheeyate

Yoga is a useful skill to calm down the mind, stop negative thinking and learn the necessary techniques to operate and act at the right place at the right time to gain complete mastery over mind.

Vapuhu Krushatvam Vadena Prasannata Nadasphutatwam Nayena Sunirmale
Arogata Bindujtoagnideepanam Nadivishudhihruttasidhwilakshanam. (Hattayogapradeepika)

A RAAS Devigarh yoga retreat will help to you tune into your infinite self, that place where you can raise yourself up through your own self-esteem and will power. When the body becomes lean and light, the face glows with delight, the eyes are pure, the mind and complexion are clear and the body healthy – at this stage one begins to understand that the Nadis are purified and a mastery of Hatha yoga is approaching.