We spend the whole life in understanding the grandeur of the whole world outside, solving the problems, unravelling the mysteries, striving to set patterns of behaviour and many other transactions and so on. In spite of these normal pattern of life, we should have glimpses into our inner self. There starts the journey of a person towards spirituality. It is the inner journey that marks the beginning of spirituality. The RAAS Wellness retreats takes to a world where harmony with oneself and the environment is attained. The RAAS Yoga helps you to achieve the subtle layers of mind and unfold them.

RAAS Yoga provides you a yogic way of life by the Yogic diet, the Shad kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, meditation etc. It is a process of all round personality development by achieving the benefits of Yoga suthras. Deep relaxation at muscular level, slowing down of breath, increasing will power and creativity, calming down mind at intellectual level, enhancing happiness at emotional level, innate divinity in man in all aspects of life are of great importance in the life of a person. The RAAS Yoga at RAAS Chhatrasagar is a yoga retreat which implements the aims of good health and sound mind.

“Tam Yogamiti Sthiramindriyaa Dharanam”(Kattopanishad)
Yoga is a state in which all our indriyas are beheld steadily that is a state of mastery over senses and mind.

In Yoga Vasishta the essence of yoga is beautifully portrayed:
“Manaha Prashamana Upaya Yoga Ithyabhidheeyate”

Yoga is called a skillful trick to calm down the mind. It is an “Upayah”, a skillful subtle process not a brutal, mechanical gross effort to stop thoughts in the mind. An experienced and skillful person knows exactly on what to lay hands to rectify the malfunctioning. Similarly, in the control of mind, a novice tries hard and gets disgusted when he finds himself more messed up, while yoga tries to give him the necessary techniques to operate at the right place at the right time to gain complete mastery over mind.

Vapuhu Krushatvam Vadena Prasannata Nadasphutatwam Nayena Sunirmale
Arogata Bindujtoagnideepanam Nadivishudhihruttasidhwilakshanam. (Hattayogapradeepika)

When the body becomes lean, the face glows with delight, manifests, and eyes are pure, body is healthy, sexual discharge under control, the appetite is increased, then one should understand that the Nadis are purified and success in Hathayoga is approaching.

It is said that first signs of entering Yoga are lightness of body, health, unthirsty, mind, clearness of complexion, a beautiful voice an agreeable odour and scantiness of excretions. The Yoga retreat at RAAS Chhatrasagar will tune yourself to that infinite self where a person will raise himself by his own self and own will power.

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