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Sustainability and responsible interventions have been at the heart of RAAS since its inception. RAAS has endeavoured to employ locals as much as possible and through them invest in the communities we exist in. We believe in continuous refinement and that shapes our efforts every day. The team RAAS will be absolutely delighted if you have a suggestion to help improve us, please write to us at

All three RAAS hotels source a predominant part of their produce from organic sources. Either from the hotel’s on-site herb and vegetable garden, or from farms near the hotel. RAAS has recently also begun growing its own wheat and pulses.

Water usage is reduced through measures such as aerators on taps, recycling and reusing waste water, and rainwater harvesting.

Hot water is generated using solar power and air-conditioning is regulated using a system that has a Platinum LEED rating.

In 2016, RAAS removed all single-use plastic from its properties and was the first hospitality brand in Rajasthan to do so. It’s also constantly working with its suppliers to help them reduce single-use plastic in their operations.

Community Investment

The entire 1,500-acre property, of which the camp occupies around 3 acres, is fenced and patrolled by RAAS’ staff. This ensures safety of the creatures living on our land and the security of the green cover that supports them. RAAS’ horticulture team keeps a hawk’s eye on the health of existing vegetation and continuously rewilds land that in the past supported agriculture. Key birds to spot include pelicans, snipes, golden orioles, green-winged teals and the Rajasthan state bird, the endangered great Indian bustard. Agriculture is the main occupation of the residents of this region; it’s made possible by the reservoir, which is now maintained by RAAS.

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