Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats at RAAS Hotels
Hosted on request by Wellness lifestyle

Dear Friends of RAAS

2020 has brought us new challenges and taken a toll on our health and happiness. While the situation has caused us to pause, we also believe it’s given us an opportunity to hit reset. To learn healthy habits and practices, and set wellness priorities that will help us better manage our lives ahead. Hence, we are starting fixed duration holistic health and well-being retreats at RAAS Devigarh. Hosted periodically Wellness Lifestyle, which has a team of seasoned wellness professionals, whose expertise has benefitted hospitality brands such as Mandarin Oriental, The Oberoi Group, and Vana Wellness Retreat.

Wellness Lifestyle’s specialists have an incredible reputation in creating transformative experiences through personalised care, guidance and multi-dimensional wellness approach. Their expertise draws from a range of traditional and contemporary health systems that are integrated when necessary, for optimum benefits. These include Ayurveda, Yoga, Sowa Rigpa, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and various other complementary and alternative practices such as Bach flower remedies, Anma, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Music healing, KORE, NMS amongst others. 

We have always wanted to have a sharper focus on wellness at RAAS. Especially at Devigarh, where, with the Aravallis surrounding it, we’ve felt a certain sense of calm. So, to us, these retreats are a natural progression. Especially at a time like this when our primary life goal is to stay healthy. We do hope all of us benefit from this new direction.

Retreat Focus* | minimum duration in weeks

Panchakarma, Healthy longevity, Rejuvenation | 4

Therapeutic focus – Structural & functional disorders, lifestyle diseases, chronic health concerns | 3

Stress management, Rest & Restoration, Functional fitness, Detoxification | 2

Personal Nutrition and Cooking | 1

Yoga, Meditation | 1

Wellness assessment & enhancement | 1

Retreat inclusions


All retreat meals

Retreat wear & laundry

All retreat group sessions & activities

Airport transfers

Private health consultation

Private treatments or sessions every day

*These objectives are only indicative and not limited.

Booking  confirmation for Panchakarma or Therapeutic focus retreats requires a health consultation with a physician at Wellness Lifestyle.

A minimum of 8 participants required for each retreat

More details can be found at wellnesslifestyle.com/raas-devigarh

You can write to our Wellness Retreats Reservations Specialist & Advisor at  with your requirement.  A minimum of eight participants are necessary to request a retreat.  The retreat duration begins from 3 nights and can extend to a few weeks, as per the focus of the retreat.

For any particular health concerns, we will be able to set up a consultation with the specialists at Wellness Lifestyle.  Raas’ Wellness Retreats Reservations specialist and advisor will guide you through the process.

RAAS Devigarh

PS – If you would like to travel with your children, rest easy – we can provide babysitting services for little ones and ensure kids are kept busy with several indoor and outdoor activities, while you take part in the retreat.

Reservations: +91 82399 26000 .  stay@raashotels.com
For any wellness related query, please mail us on wellness@raasdevigarh.com

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