RAAS Devigarh offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to health. Our curated programmes are overseen by expert consultants and offer everything from Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to healthy food options, and treatments by natural, award-winning Ayurvedic brand Mauli.

Drawing on ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge, we aim to provide authentic tools to help you integrate holistic habits into the everyday and create more harmony, peace, and healing in your life. As well as dealing with specific concerns or ailments, our overall intention is to focus on balancing each individual.

“Samadosha Samagnischa Samadhathu Malakriyaha Prasannathmendriyamanaha Swastha Ityabhideeyate”
– (Su. S)

When all the three doshas are in equillibrium, the agni (digestive fire) is in balanced state, the dhathus (tissues) are in equity, the urges happen in the normal way, the athma(soul), indriya (senses) and manasu (mind) are in clarity, we say that the person is healthy(Swastha).

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