RAAS Chhatrasagar Activities


RAAS Chhatrasagar offers you a diverse range of activities to choose from. Listed below are some of the regular ones that our guests enjoy!

Bird Watching

Bird Watching at RAAS Chhatrasagar

RAAS Chhatrasagar has a very diverse bird life around, comprising of over 200 species. And the guests can enjoy bird life from close quarters almost everywhere in the camp. For a more formal introduction, we organise nature walks along well maintained nature trails in the wilderness around RAAS Chhatrasagar.

Farm Visit

Farm Visit activity at RAAS Chhatrasagar

The farmers and shepherds invited to Chhatrasagar by Thakur Chhatra Singh, of Nimaj, a powerful noble of the desert kingdom of Marwar (Jodhpur) in the late 19th century still live a self-contained and harmonious life in settlements around RAAS Chhatrasagar. The Camp organises farm and village visits to experience their lifestyle closely.

Sun Downers

Sundowner at RAAS Chhatrasagar

Watching the Sun set down the reservoir waters from RAAS Chhatrasagar is an absolute visual treat and an experience of a life time. You have many options across the property to enjoy a memorable sunset at this pristine wetland. We organise special Sundowners with a chef curated menu for a unique dining experience.

Birding on a Boat

Sustainability RAAS Chhatrasagar

A first of it’s kind birding experience, exploring the Lake Chhatra Sagar in a boat is the best way to explore the rich mangroves and the inhabiting bird life.

Wildlife Safari


Apart from the 200 bird species found at and around RAAS Chhatrasagar, the wilderness around is also home to Blue Bulls, Wild boar, Jackles and many more. The Camp organizes Wildlife Safari in an open Jeep for the guests to discover the magic of nature.

Bush Lunch


Drive out in to the wilderness around the camp and enjoy a bush lunch in a natural setup. Our team will look after all you needs at the picnic.

Yoga Sessions (on request)

There is nothing like beginning your day practicing Yoga at dawn, facing the beautiful Chhatrasagar lake. The stillness and the morning calm is only made more beautiful with the bird calls and only the pleasant sounds of nature that you hear as your close your eyes. The camp organizes yoga sessions on request, guided by our Yoga Instructor.

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